Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Carol Ford Talks with WLEA (Hornell, NY) about Bob Crane

Last night, I was interviewed about Bob Crane by Mr. Kevin Doran, owner of WLEA 1480 Radio in Hornell, New York. WLEA is significant because this is the radio station where Bob landed his first job in broadcasting, from March 1950 to December 1950. The interview lasted a little more than 20 minutes, and while it had been recorded yesterday afternoon around 4:30, it aired over WLEA this morning to listeners. Mr. Doran was lovely to speak with, and I enjoyed the interview immensely. I am also truly grateful to him, WLEA, and the Hornell community for not only their support, but for caring about Bob Crane as much as they do.

I'll confess, a part of me was nervous during the interview - somewhat because I was giddy with excitement and also because I suffer a bit from stage fright! I am a writer and an editor. I write a piece, edit it, check it and double check it and triple check it, and then release it. Doing an interview for broadcast - whether live or recorded - is a whole different thing. How did I sound? Was it ok? I am a perfectionist. I want it to be perfect.

Those who listened to it have told me I sounded great. There is no question I know my subject extraordinarily well. But no matter how many times people tell me how good it sounds, I will always be my toughest critic. Was the interview good enough? Perhaps. But personally, I don't think anything can ever quite be good enough when it comes to Bob Crane. He was the victim of a heinous crime, and his memory has been ridiculed ever since. That is why I strive for perfection when writing or talking about Bob Crane. I want desperately to help restore his good name, to help tell his true story, to help people understand him better, to make them realize that what has already been done has not been accurate, to be kind and respectful to all involved. 

But nobody is perfect. There will always be things I would have wanted to say a bit differently. And I will never, ever be able to say it as well as Bob himself would.

I have not listened to the interview, nor will I. And that will probably remain true no matter how many times I am interviewed over the course of time about Bob Crane, the National Radio Hall of Fame efforts, and his biography. It is interesting that I just today read an article quoting Pierce Brosnan's opinion of himself in the James Bond movies in which he starred (Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day). He refuses to watch the films because he does not believe he did the Bond franchise justice. I couldn't disagree more, but I can certainly relate to how he feels.

Every word I put forth about Bob Crane, whether on paper or over the air or on screen is measured for perfection. And every word I will ever say about Bob will always be from the heart, with complete honesty and only the best of intentions. That is how I hope you will take everything I say and write about Bob Crane, all the while knowing that I will always wish it could be just a little bit better.

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